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Start your own Web Hosting Business


Want to start your own Business?

There are NO restrictions/rules to be an Entrepreneur. You don’t even require a college degree or a bunch of currency notes to start a small business in this digital world, all require is talent and smartness how to be a successful startup businessman.

The website is the main component of any business marketing plan, as it is the central hub for business sneak peeks. Website design and development progressed very well in these years where all businesses getting their websites online. 

If you’re already into web design and web development service, you can add up Web Hosting as a new service to your brand. Additionally, you can create a web hosting service landing pages in your website using reseller account from where you took service.

Getting into the Web Hosting business is cheap, easy, and safe.

Determine Your Niche

The first & foremost step you can create is defining your Business Goals to be Web Hosting Reseller. Take your next step as a critical move for determining Your Niche.

If you have a business providing services like web design, web development, Branding, Digital Marketing to small businesses around, then getting into Web Hosting Business can be a great start.

Since you have chosen your niche as Web Hosting, your target audience can be all the individual startups, bloggers, web developers/designers, small and medium business owners or anyone who wishes to have their own website.

Decide Your Brand Name

Fine-tune the Business of your niche marketing(Web Hosting) with Brand a name for it. Branding may include company logo, name, & a catchy tagline. Be aware of the domain names are available already since you should build a company website.

Create and Launch your website

Design your website with FREE templates available online, make your website well appeared with all visual constraints and easy to navigate. The next step is to get your web hosting website online with all the features included.

Select the Right Host for Your Reseller Hosting

When considering hosting providers, recommend going with big players in the industry. There are several advantages cause of this recommendation: One-stop shop for all hosting services, 24/7 expert hosting support, 100% white label support, 24/7 network monitoring, Risk-Free services.

Choose the one that offers the best quality service at reasonable costs.

Install an SSL certificate

Clients buy the hosting products from you, their sensitive details such as names, addresses, e-mails, credit cards, debit cards, etc. will be stored in your billing system on your server. So make sure to assure your clients there data is safe within your database. You can get your SSL certificate at no cost from your provider.

Analyze Your Competitors for pricing

When you have an idea of starting a web hosting business, It’s always important to analyze your competitors in the industry. Study all the promotional activities of your competitors while pricing your products, scale all your Web Hosting pricing plans accordingly to your needs.

White Label Hosting support

Check if your provider is providing 100% white labeling support service, as complete anonymity needed for your business model. Let your Hosting services appear under your Brand rather than your provider name. 100% White Label Support help your business to appear as independent from your hosting provider.

Payments Gateways

Integrate WHMCS to your cart, so your clients can order web hosting services easily without any hassles. Set up your accounting system easily with WHMCS, you can even integrate secure and trusted payment gateways to deal with monetary transactions while clients carting their services.

24/7 Technical Support

Support will be a fundamental pillar of your business. Make sure to offer all modes of contact options such as live chat, Ticketing, email, skype, and phone support. For engaging clients on live chat, you can select as it is free and let you monitor chats via its mobile app.

Prepare a Marketing Plan

With many big hosting providers present in this industry, serving the same services can be quite challenging. Getting your brand online successfully among all your competitors can be done with a perfect marketing strategy. Follow this marketing mantra Plan->Reach->Engage->Convert to get reach your clients.

Benefits of Running Own Web Hosting Company

  •     You are your own boss.
  •     Create and get popular with your own Brand
  •     Sell domains/hosting services under your brand.
  •     Price your Services
  •     No setup fees or hosting fees for your own websites.
  •     Generate as much as revenue with a low-cost investment

Be your own Boss

No business built successful overnight, it’s important not to set any unrealistic expectations for your business, rather keep goals that lead dreams to reality.

Reseller hosting is one of the best ways to start a web hosting business and to earn extra profits with little capital.

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